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Buenos Aires’ open spaces are particularly notable in the northern part, where a succession of parks stretches for miles along the River Plate, known as widest river of the world. Shopping districts are located around the microcentro, including some popular tourist areas like pedestrian malls Florida and Lavalle, the Plaza San Martin, and the commercial and entertainment areas of Cordoba, Corrientes and fashionable Santa Fe. Many of the port’s warehouses and docks have been transformed into lofts, restaurants, nightclubs and office blocks.

Argentina’s national parks provide wildlife and beautiful mountain views whereas Perito Moreno Glacier and the Iguazu Falls are natural beauties one should surely see. Endless hiking opportunities can be found in the south, where Patagonia is mystifying the air and Tierra del Fuego makes you feel You are at the end of the world. The Andes provide perfect skiing with famous ski-resort Bariloche is the one considered to be the country’s most established. Horse riding, adventure sports and bird watching are just a few of the other activities on offer throughout the country. Around 113km west of the capital lays the village of San Antonio de Areco, the centre of gaucho tradition and the Dia de la Tradicion. It is the country’s biggest annual gaucho celebration held every November. The village is also known for its artisans, who specialise in paraphernalia, silver-studded belts and knives. If you’d also like to make a day trip an historic steam train, the country town Capilla del Señor is waiting for You.

An opportunity for summer holiday; about 400km from Buenos Aires, lies ‘Mardel’ or Mar del Plata’s, a famous tourist resort on the Atlantic coast. Thousands of visitors are attracted by its sandy and sunny beaches from December until March. Mar del Plata is also the site hosting the largest gambling casinos visitors in Argentina. People of this land possess curiosity, passion, and ardor for life, most visible when it comes to football, their national obsession. Their Evita, Tango, gauchos and estancias are the country’s most known attractions. What strikes its visitors most though, is that life is for living with nice dreams during afternoon siesta.

Argentina, vastly unexplored and undiscovered by most tourists, is an adventure waiting to happen.


Posted: 3rd June 2015


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