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Resorts in Greece can be looked up by mainland Greece at one hand, and the Greek islands on the other. Among those on the mainland, Athens, the capital and largest city in Greece, You will find the flat-top hill Acropolis dominating the view and, representing one of the most famous classical monuments in the world at the same time.

Throughout the calm blue waters of the Aegean sea, the islands are fascinating. Zakynthos in spring is ‘the island of flowers’, the volcanic Santorini, with its black sand in contrast to white houses in the villages. Travel to Skópelos, Rhodes, Myknos and Páros while enjoying the sun for nearly 300 days of the year and discover the tasty domestic cuisine of this perfect land for summer holidays. From Piraeus in the Saronic Gulf, You should be able to get ferries leaving for the islands regularly.

With its uncomparable culture, ancient history, splendid places and endless beaches, a summer in Greece would be an unforgettable adventure


Posted: 3rd June 2015


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